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Are you an PURE employee?

Are you an PURE employee?

Contact us if you are a PURE employee and have a question about your employment

If you are employed in a local organisation and have a question or issue with your manager, paycheck or any other matter, please select your country from the drop menu on the right hand side and you will be redirected to the local contact for your country of employment.

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Do you have a serious concern to report?

Do you have a serious concern to report?

To report a sensitive concern or unlawful activity, use PURE’ Speak Up policy.

This channel is meant for reporting serious and sensitive concerns such as fraud, theft or law violations. PURE ensures that all concerns are treated seriously and appropriately.

Examples of issues reported through the Speak Up channel:

• Incidents in the workplace, including violent and discriminative behaviour or sexual harassment
• Theft or misappropriation of PURE or client assets
• Fraud with the aim of unlawful gain or law violations

Please note that the Speak Up channel will not take action on matters regarding issues with employee paychecks and other that should be referred to the local People & Culture department.

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