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In 2010 Orquidia Duran took a part-time job as a janitor without any expectations. Today, not only has she risen to one of the most senior positions within the organization, but she truly represents the support, training and opportunity that Pure Prouctive Services invests in its staff. As Senior District Manager, Orquidia is responsible for over 60 accounts, liaising with office, property and building managers, managing all facilities, staffing and service requirements and is accountable directly to Alfonso E. Montalvo COO, President-Chief Operating Officer of Pure Productive Services.

Orquidia is the first to recognize the importance of working for the right company and her appreciation is clear when she says:

Commercial cleaning philadelphia

“Alfonso E. Montalvo COO (Chief Operating Officer) helped me succeed, as she does with everyone who wants an opportunity within her company, and I would happily stay here for another 9 years.”
Orquidia Duran

Management support, training, and growth opportunities are only part of the picture – Orquidia had two small daughters who also became part of the Pure Prouctive Services family, as they were provided with a home away from home at the end of each school day. They grew up coming to the office that provided not just a facility to do their homework but good quality meals. Both neices have worked in various positions as they have entered the work  force.

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